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First Show October 23rd!
Promo Sound Clip

We received an invitation to send two students to a series of 3 journalism workshops on interviewing tips.  The sessions took place at Cole Harbour High school on three Friday mornings.  Two of our Grade 4 students attended the session, along with several high school students.  Class members were invited to submit letters to their teacher, explaining why they wanted to attend the sessions and why they should be chosen.  Brittany D and Stephanie M were chosen to attend.  They found the sessions very informative and enjoyable,  They have been sharing their newly gained expertise with the rest of the class.

Mrs. Barkhouse's Grade 4 class hosts a regular weekly radio program.  Each week, a small group of students work from the booth at CHCN radio station.  We talk about our school and community.  We do some interviews, read stories and give reports on school and community events.

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    Photos from Our First Show

At work in the Broadcast booth at CHCN

Mr. and Mrs. Doane outside CHCN

CHCN broadcast technicians at work.

Viola, our contact at CHCN.


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